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Welcome to Top SEO Center Social Bookmarking service!

Using bookmarking to popularize your website. Internet has become the second name for ‘socializing.’ People love to share their favorite pictures, videos, links and ideas with each other on various social network and bookmarking websites.

Now, most of you must be aware of the social bookmarking websites like,, Stumble Upon etc. All these websites allow users to bookmark their favorite Web Pages and share it with their friends and other users on the website. Users can add bookmarks under various categories and can provide tags and description to make the bookmarks easy to search.

How is Social Bookmarking used to promote websites?
Social bookmarking works on the principle of recommendation. People recommend their favorite websites to others, by adding links to these websites. Since, Social bookmarking websites allow users to see each others’ bookmarks; Social Bookmarking can be used as an excellent tool for internet marketing. By bookmarking the pages of a website, we can make it available for the people who are looking for information related to that category.

Each bookmark becomes a one-way link for the website and also helps targeted audience to reach the website.

Social Bookmarking helps a website in the following ways:

  • Increase in traffic: It draws the traffic from the social bookmarking websites to your website. Moreover, the traffic is more targeted since all the bookmarks are added according to their categories.
  • More One-Way Links: Social bookmarks create multiple one-way links for your website, in shortest amount of time.
  • Creates Network: Most websites allow users to share URLs posted by others, with their friends i.e., if somebody likes your bookmarks, he can share it with his friends and then the can share it with their friends. This helps you gradually reach thousands of people, without much effort.
  • Increase visibility of the website: Since the bookmarks are visible to everyone who visits the social bookmarking websites, it creates more visibility to your website and aids in creating a brand for yourself.
  • Reliability: Social bookmarking websites are for the people, by the people, which means, there are no sponsored or paid links. This makes such links much more reliable in the eyes of common user.
  • Increase in Search Engine Ranking: Increased number of incoming links and traffic may result in increased search engine ranking for the website. This is the main and most important motive of any link building tool; and social bookmarking websites fulfill it quite effectively.
  • Rise in Link Popularity: Social bookmarking websites let users search for websites with the help of a keywords, the links of your website becomes more visible and get more clicks.

But all these effects will only come through when social bookmarking is done in the most professional manner possible. Social bookmarking may look extremely simple, but it can be quite tricky, in terms of choosing the right websites, adding the right tags, keywords, description etc.

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