Social Bookmarking

High Pr Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is presenting your content to different social sites including online journals, person to person networking sites, microblogging sites, discussions, picture or video sharing sites and so on. You can present any kind of content (Text, Images, Audio, Video) to make backlinks from these High DA Do-follow .COM Social Bookmarking Sites. Notwithstanding sharing your content, you can utilize these sites to interface with different clients and step by step extend the prevalence of your blog.

Advantages of Bookmarking:-

  • You can create backlinks
  • You can increase the search engine ranking of your blog
  • You can increase Page Rank and Domain Authority of your blog
  • You can promote your blog or posts and increase traffic to your blog
  • You increase the popularity of your blog by interacting with other users

Guide for submitting social bookmarking:-

  • #1 Identify and make a list of High DA Do-follow .Com Social Bookmarking Sites
  • #2 Register on these sites with your email address
  • #3 Please don’t create multiple profiles on the same site to avoid being classified as a spammer
  • #4 Complete your profile with image, blog address and a brief description
  • #5 Remember to include your keywords in description
  • #6 Creating a good profile with high-quality image is important
  • #7 Submit your content including link to your website